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An Ultimate Guide To Writng An Impressive Sop To Pursue Abroad Studies

Pursuing abroad studies is an excellent and exciting opportunity that will opens a door to vast opportunities and flourishing future. Statement Of Purpose or SOP is an crucial part of application precess in which every student have to go through to make the dream into reality. SOP is a vital document that allows the student to showcases their motivation, aspiration, and suitability for chosen program and institution. A Statement Of Purpose can also be defined as a research statement or letter of intent, that will be written to the admission panel and explain about the student’s career path, interests, professional contributions, goals, and the driving force behind pursuing a particular program. This is a blog that will guide you through the each step of process of writing an outstanding SOP that will capture the attention of the admission committees and and increase the student’s chances of securing an admission at the desired overseas institution. There are several procedures to follow to prepare a perfect SOP. Let’s have a look into different steps to create an attractive SOP; The Statement of Purpose is a document that will project the personal informations of the student to the admission committee. SOP allows the student to explain the academic and professional background, the motivation of studying abroad, and the future goals. The primary objectives of SOP incluses; It is essential to find a right guidence as it can significantly enhance your chances of writing an exceptional SOP. In Kerala and across India, several overseas education consultants in Kerala provide expert advice and assistance throughout the application process. Tips to write a successful statement of purpose Things should be included in the Statement Of Purspose Writing an impressive SOP requires careful planning, self reflection, and effective communication. By following the guidelines inscripted in the blog, it is not impossible to create an compelling narrative that highlights your qualifications, aspirations, and passions for pursuing abroad studies. Furthermore, seeking guidance from best overseas education consultants in Kerala can further enhance the quality of your SOP and provide valuable insights into the application process. It is important to remember that your SOP is your chance to stand out from the competition and convince the admission committee that you are the ideal candidate for their program. Being one of the top 10 overseas education counsulatants in India, Abroad Admission Hub ensure to provide the best guidance and assistance to the aspiring students who are pursuing their dream career in abroad. Abroad Admission Hub focused on offering the best route to achieve their aims through appropriate scholarships and courses offered by overseas universities. We assist the students for the chance to thoroughly discover the choice of their countries through in-depth councelling, and high-quality guidance.

The Reasons Why Indians Wish To Study Abroad 

Recently, the number of students who started to pursue their future goals and careers abroad is increasing drastically. There are different factors that attract Indian students to pursue their dream courses outside their home country. The divergent platform to explore great exposures will enhance the better academic opportunities, career prospects, and availability of financial aid and scholarship. Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of students who are pursuing their higher studies abroad. The study abroad consultants in Kerala encourages students to seek and pursue their ambition from abroad and provide proper guidance to achieve their aims. There are several societal as well as personal reasons that drive this pursuit. Let’s have a look into certain reasons behind the matter; The desire to pursue education in new infrastructure, divergent circumstances, and motivational atmosphere aspire the student to study abroad. The key driving forces consist of quality of education, specialized job-oriented courses, vast research opportunities, enhanced career prospects, exposure to diverse cultures, and innovative educational platforms. Through the study abroad experts in Kerala, pursuing a dream course abroad is not an impossible task. With clear and proper guidance, every student is capable to achieve their abroad dreams with assistance from study abroad consultants in Kerala like Abroad Admission Hub- Infos Connect. Abroad Admission Hub- Infos Coonect will aid with proper assistance to address the needs and aspirations of Indian students. Being the best study abroad consultants in Ernakulam, Abroad Admission Hub- Infos Connect ensures that the future and career of their students will be fruitful and successful.

The Best Courses For Commerce Students To Pursue From Abroad

It is very essential to choose the best course for commerce students to pursue from abroad as it will be a significant decision that can influence and shape their career future prospects. There are several factors that need to be considered such as the reputation of the institution, the standard of faculties, course curriculum, career opportunities, and potential for personal growth. Being one of the most popular streams in India, commerce provides plenty of career options to students. The scope of subjects like accounting, business, finance, economics, management, marketing, international relations, etc are much wider and larger when those are planning to study abroad. As there are a large number of education consultants in Kerala, it will be a wise option to get assistance from the best study-abroad consultants in India. Let’s explore some of the best courses for commerce students to study abroad: While choosing a university or college to pursue abroad, it is inevitable to consider the factors such as the reputation of the university, program curriculum, faculty expertise, internship opportunities, industry connections, and the proper location relevance to the career goals. Furthermore, there are other considerable factors such as the cost of tuition, living expenses, scholarships, and the availability of part-time job opportunities for international students. Studying abroad will be a transformative and enhancing experience that not only nurtures your academic and professional development but will also expand your perspective horizons and builds cultural understanding. To conclude, commerce students have a wide range of options and opportunities for pursuing courses abroad. Depending upon the individual’s personal interest, career goals, and personal preference, he/she could choose the best and most appropriate course as per their interest. Being one of the top 10 overseas education consultants in India, Abroad Admission Hub assist and ensures the need of the students will be satisfied through our proper services. We aid our students to be focused on their dreams and ambitions offering proper advice and guidance to Indian students who seek to pursue their dream career abroad. Renowned as the best education consultants in Kochi Abroad Admission Hub (AAH) provide students with an opportunity to choose their education at a better overseas education destination.

The Best Course For Commerce Students To Pursue From Abroad

Pursuing the best course from abroad is not at all a hard task. The number of students who are seeking better courses abroad, especially in the field of commerce, is increasing compared to past days. The best study abroad consultants in India aids to choose the better and right course for the students who aspire to study abroad. As this a crucial decision that can greatly impact the future and life of the students, Abroad Admission Hub (AAH), one of the most trustable education consultants in Kerala provides the students with better options to choose their career and helps them to secure their future with the best. Pursuing education from popular universities and colleges leads to the development and improvisation of several skills. There is the availability of multiple popular commercial courses for students from the commercial stream at great university destinations. Let’s explore the different and best courses for commerce students seeking to pursue their education abroad after 12th commerce. Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most demanding courses prevailing among students, which is relevant and a great choice for students who are looking to study abroad. The course helps to get a strong foundation in core business subjects like accounting, finance, marketing, sales, economics, and management. Globally many universities offer programs well cut to international students, providing a comprehensive understanding of global business practices. A B.Com degree specializes in students with essential skills which will be valued in the corporate world, making it a versatile option for those who are seeking international opportunities. Bachelor of Business Administration is a demanded course in the current education system for students who aspire for abroad studies. The course focuses on various aspects of business administration comprising finance, economics, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. BBA programs often consist of practical training, and internships, allowing students to gain experience and improvise essential managerial skills. Choosing BBA to study abroad provides a platform of exposure to diverse business environments, enhances global networking opportunities, and paves the way to international career prospects. A specialization in International Business program provides students with an understanding of divergent management practices found all over the world and makes them prepare for graduate careers working abroad or in organizations that are engaged in business on a global scale. The particular course provides an in-depth knowledge of international trade, global supply chains, cross-cultural management, and foreign market analysis. Students attain insights into the political, economic, and legal framework that configure international business transactions. A degree in International Business provides students with the skills needed to work in multinational companies, and global consulting firms, or even aids to start their own ventures in the international arena. Pursuing a degree in the field of finance and accounting can lead to rewarding international opportunities. Divergent courses in this field such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accounting, or Bachelor of Financial Management pave a comprehensive understanding of taxation, auditing, financial analysis, investment strategies, and risk management. A qualification in accounting or finance degree aids students to explore careers in multinational banks, investment firms, consulting agencies, or multinational corporations around the world. Whether it’s a bachelor’s or master’s, a degree in economics provides a deep understanding of economic theories, principles, and policies that aid the student to analyze the dynamics of national and global economics, ideas about market structures, and developing strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Abroad studies concerning economics provide a broad perspective on global economic issues and disclose students to diverse economic models and policies. Economic graduates are able to pursue careers in research, consulting, international organizations, multinational organizations, and government agencies. Marketing and Advertising is a prospering field that offers exciting anticipation for commerce students with a creative flair and a passion for customer behavior. Bachelor’s program in marketing or advertising comprises knowledge in the areas such as digital marketing, brand management, advertising strategies, and market research. Seeking to study marketing or advertising abroad aids capable students to understand global consumer trends, explore diverse market channels, and develop international marketing campaigns. Graduates are capable of working in advertising agencies, multinational corporations, market research firms, or pursuing entrepreneurial ventures worldwide. Pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Management opens a wide range of opportunities to students to settle their careers and a flourishing future. The course provides a global opportunity that covers various aspects of the industry, consisting of event planning, hotel management, tourism marketing, and sustainable tourism practices. The course offers a grand exposure to international hospital standards, cultural diversity, and global networking. Eligible graduates are permitted to work in luxury hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and event management companies, or are capable of starting their own ventures in the tourism sector. This is an ideal career choice for those who would like to travel, work among diverse demographics of people, and add a strike to the excitement of life’s journey. Abroad Admission Hub ensures a thrilling and secure life journey for students. We hold the responsibility for our student’s wise choices and bright futures by guiding them through the right path. It is vital to research the specific course, requirements, and opportunities of the country, where the student is interested in studying. Furthermore, it is important to notice and consider factors such as the availability of scholarships, the reputation of Universities, the availability of part-time jobs, and the potential for post-study work opportunities. The student needs an idea about their career, passion, and ambition. AAH helps to clarify the confusion concerning the student’s career goals and future aspects.  Consulting with Abroad Admission Hub, one of the best education consultants in Kochi, will be helpful to provide valuable information and insights concerning the choice of the best courses and the best destination to study abroad. As the best overseas consultants in Kerala, we provide the best service and proper advice concerning scholarships to students who desire to choose education in overseas universities.

Would an  IELTS score of 6.5 be enough for studying abroad?

The International English Language Training System isconsidered to be the most popular language test for those who would plan to study, move, or work abroad in English-speaking countries, recognized by more than 11,000 education providers worldwide. IELTS is a test for migration as well as aid for study purposes abroad, accepted by governments of almost all countries than any other English language test as a requirement for study purposes as well as for permanent residency. The overseas education consultants in India provide the proper coaching for IELTS along with their study assistance abroad. An IELTS score of 6.5 will be sufficient for abroad studies, but there are factors that depend upon the scoring, including the university or educational institution of the student applying to, the choice of the country the student planning to study, and the program student wishes to pursue. If the student desires to study abroad in English-speaking countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, and New Zealand, the student needs to demonstrate that they have a good grasp and skills in language and are able to communicate effectively. There are several English language admission tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo that will assist to study abroad, IELTS is the most popular, standardized admission test, providing a fair and accurate assessment of English Language proficiency by utilizing everyday scenarios to test listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The International English Language Training System, (IELTS), is widely recognized as an English Language proficiency test that is often required for the admission process to universities and colleges in English-speaking countries. The test will assess the student’s skills in four major areas: Listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Each section is graded on a scale between 0-9, and the overall score will be calculated as the average of these four scores. Primarily, it is vital to note that the minimum IELTS score needed for admission will be different among educational institutions. Certain universities and programs might need high scores and language proficiency requirements while some universities will accept only minimal scores. It is very important to research the specific requisites of the interested university to determine if a score of 6.5 meets their criteria. University websites, admission portals, and contacting the admission guides can provide accurate information concerning the language requirements. Abroad Admission Hub (AAH), an Abroad consultancy in Kochiensures to qualify their students with a fair IELTS score and assures a bright career through abroad studies. Generally, an IELTS score of 6.5 is considered a reasonable best proficiency level. It points out that the student has a good command of the English language and should be able to communicate and comprehend effectively and efficiently in academic settings. Through a score of 6.5, the students are capable of handling complex texts, engaging in hard discussions, and expressing their ideas in writing. However, there are certain universities, colleges, and programs that might need strict language efficiency requirements, especially in fields where precise language skills are significant, such as medicine, law, and linguistics. So, in cases like these, a higher score in IELTS might be necessary for admission. Another important factor of consideration is the choice of the country the student intends to study. Different countries have different language requirements for international students. The universities in the United Kingdom need an IELTS score of a minimum of 6.0 or above for undergraduate studies and 6.5 or above for post-graduate studies. But still, the top-ranked universities and institutions need higher score requirements. In the universities of the USA, they might have more language requirements and some may accept an IELTS score of 6.5 specifically for undergraduate programs. However, there is competition between the universities to achieve higher scores, especially for graduate programs. Countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have their own special specific requirements due to the medium of instruction being English, which can vary among the institutions. In addition to the minimum score requirements, certain universities need specific score requirements for each section of the IELTS test. That is, universities may require higher scores in the writing or reading section to ensure student proficiency in that particular area. So it is important to notice and carefully review the individual section requirements coordinated by the universities the students are applying to. Even Though an IELTS score of 6.5 will meet the minimum requirements of the admission process, it is vital to consider the personal goal and expectations. Studying abroad consists of participating in academic discussions, preparing a thesis, delivering presentations, and writing research papers. Therefore a notable level of English proficiency will be advantageous for a successful and accomplishing educational experience. Even if a university accepts a score of 6.5, it is important for the student to consider further developing the skills to benefit completely from the academic environment and enhance the career prospects after graduation. It will be worthwhile to note that there are certain universities that provide English Language supporting services to assist international students in developing their language and communication skills. This service comprises English Language Courses, Writing Centers, Spoken English Academies, and Conversation clubs, which will help to improvise the language skill even if the initial score is lower than the desired level. To conclude, while an IELTS score of 6.5 can be sufficient for the process of studying abroad, it will be beneficial for the student if he/she can achieve a high score to secure their academic future and improve their career prominently. As the day passes the number ofstudy-abroad agencies in Kerala is increasing. The amount of students who are seeking higher studies as well as job opportunities is rising enormously. Being the best abroad consultancy in Kochi, Abroad Admission Hub (AAH) ensures an enlightening future for our one and each students. Rather than just playing with words, we know it is our responsibility to be the best consultancy by providing the best services for the students to satisfy their aims and dreams.

The Availability of Dependent Visa on a Student Visa

A Dependent Visa is an impressive tool created to allow the family members of the visa holder to accompany them and reside with them in the country where the visa holder is studying or working. In the context of the student visa, a dependable visa is supposed to be allowed to the spouse, children, and sometimes parents of the student visa holder. It is vital to notice the detailed arrangements, which are derived from the assigned employee, and the conditions concerning the spouse, partner, or other family members for the specific countries. As this is an important matter regarding the study concerning the future of the student, it will be wise to choose the best study-abroad consultants in India. Most of the countries offer dependent visas for international students to study in their country. These visas allow the spouse and children of the students to stay and live in the same country as the student for the duration of the student visa.  Availability of Dependent Visa on Student Visa The availability criteria for a dependent visa on a student visa will differ depending on the country and the type of visa. In certain countries, dependent visas are automatically granted to the spouses and children of international students who are enrolled in full-time courses. But in other countries, dependent visas might not be available or subject to certain conditions or obligations. The best foreign education consultants in India provide better suggestions for further studies abroad that will aid to secure the future. In the United States, dependents of an F-1 visa might be eligible to apply for an F-2 visa. However, the F-2 visa doesn’t allow the dependent to work in the US, unless they obtain an Employee Authorization Document from the US Citizenship and Immigration Center. Likely in the UK, the Tier 4 visa holders may be qualified to apply for a Tier 4 dependent visa, which allows them to study and live in the UK but does not allow them to work unless they obtain permission from the  UK Home Office. In certain countries, the availability of dependent visas may also depend on the specific student visa program. Like in Australia, the dependents of international students enrolled in higher education courses (bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. programs) may be eligible to apply for a Student Dependent Visa. The student visa program allows the spouse, partner, or children under the age of 18 to accompany them during their study period. The dependent can work in Australia for 40 hours every two weeks while the student is studying. However, the students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training courses might not be able to apply for a dependent visa. International students who are studying at a prominent learning institution in Canada could bring their spouse, or common-law partner and dependent children within them on a study permit. The spouse can apply for an open work permit, which allows them to work in Canada without having a job offer first. As per the circumstances of the UK, the student is able to bring their spouse and children under the age of 18, if the student is on a Tier 4 student visa. The dependent is able to work in the UK if the student is studying a postgraduate degree course and the duration, of course, is more than 12 months. In countries like Germany, the dependent is permitted to stay in the country for the duration of the student visa, but not allowed to work. Also, the dependent visa is only accessible for spouses and children under the age of 16. In France, the dependent is allowed to stay in the country for the duration of the student’s isa and permitted to work for up to 20 hours per week. Here also the visa is available for spouses and the children under age of 18.  There are many more rules and regulations the student has to follow to choose a career abroad and it will differ from each country as per the choice of the student. Certain countries like the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Finland allow spouses and partners to work. But countries such as the USA and Hong Kong only permit married spouses to work. Countries like Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore do not permit people to work openly. It is important to note that your partner and your child can be your student dependent. Your parents, sister, brother, or other relatives cannot. It is vital to note that the rules and regulations for dependent visas might change from time to time, and it is important to keep updated with the changes that may occur. It is essential to pin that dependent visas might have obstacles and may not allow the dependents to work or study. There are divergent options to be like which kind of student can have dependents. The majority of the countries provide permission to the student to allow dependents, but the rules and regulations will differ from each country.    Abroad Admission Hub, one of the best overseas education consultants in Kochi provides the best services and information as per the need of the student. We help to make you understand one and each piece of information concerning the abroad studies and related other matters. The consultancy provides details regarding the course as well as part-time job opportunities and ensures the right future for each student. We are one of the best abroad consultancies in Kochi with excellent faculties and academic assistance. We promote different kinds of courses that will be relevant and suitable to each student depending upon the education they have, which will aid to execute and developing a successful career. The holistic and industry-integrated service system from high-qualified professionals with high-standard classes provide complete industry knowledge and help the students to achieve their successful career. We assure the best for the future of each student and they have been super responsible with their assistance to the students in need.

How to get a scholarship to Study Abroad

Many students want to pursue their academic interests abroad. Of course, earning a degree abroad offers students the ability to travel, network with professionals, work an internship and experience a new culture. Although there are many obvious benefits to studying abroad, the process of making it happen can be intimidating, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Many students, however, mistakenly think that the cost of studying abroad is beyond their means, and they are unsure of how to begin the process of applying for scholarships overseas. For students who are interested in studying abroad for a course or a degree, the good news is that there are many overseas scholarships that are available. These possibilities can range from money to pay for your ticket to scholarships that let you go to university for free abroad. Universities offer financial aid to international students in order to broaden their student body and enhance the campus’s cultural diversity. Numerous organizations outside of universities also provide scholarships in an effort to advance international relations and global education. Knowing where to look for abroad scholarships and which ones you qualify for are the two most essential pieces of information to acquire about how to get a scholarship to study abroad. All that’s left to do is start choosing your preferred study abroad places once you realize what kind of support is offered and how to apply for a scholarship. Read our guide to uncover all the scholarships for studying abroad you need to fulfill your aspirations, whether you’re searching for funding for a full program or just a semester abroad. We at Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect PVT Ltd, are here to assist you in understanding every step of the complex application process for scholarships to study abroad. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, so believe us. All you need to know about the procedure is how it works. Let’s look at how to apply for scholarships overseas right away so you may start your higher education journey as soon as possible. Choosing Your Career Goals Knowing what you want to study and where you want to study is the first and most important step in applying for international scholarships for Indian students after the 12th. According to the course you intend to study, you can list all the colleges on your priority list.  In this step, specify your career objectives! Do not be afraid to ask your teachers, academic advisors, study abroad consultancies, and financial aid office for assistance. Query them of any scholarship programs that they may be aware of. You can ask an expert for advice online or in person, and they can assist you in selecting the best scholarship for your overseas study needs. Getting professional help makes the process easier overall. Finding a scholarship is the hardest aspect of the process. Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect, offers professional assistance with applications, student loans, scholarships, and visas. We cannot stress enough how important it is to conduct in-depth research on any scholarships you are considering applying for. Simply said, the more scholarship applications you submit, the more financial aid you will receive. Search for the organizations that can provide you with a scholarship to study abroad. Read their instructions, complete the application, and prove to them that you deserve it. You need to work on your resume to ensure that you win that scholarship once you have made a list of the universities and scholarships you want to apply for. Make sure to highlight all of your achievements, projects, prior international experience, campus involvement, extracurricular activities, fluency in any foreign languages, etc. Write everything clearly and succinctly. Your application should include a cover letter that makes the case for why you should be awarded the scholarship. Additionally, if your language abilities are strong, you might try writing the cover letter in the language of the position you are applying for. If you are submitting applications for several scholarships, it might be challenging to keep track of all deadlines and requirements. Making a calendar with significant dates and deadlines indicated is advised. You frequently need to have strong marks to qualify for a scholarship to study abroad. Although not all scholarships demand perfect grades, the majority of them do. You must demonstrate to your donors that you are committed to both your job and your study abroad experience. In order to persuade them that you desire the chance to expand your academic horizons, you need to start working hard to earn good marks before your study abroad time. Even though it seems exhausting, start applying for scholarships right away to study abroad. Be sure to customize your application by meticulously conducting your study. The people who sponsor scholarships want to know that their money is being used wisely and that you value this chance. The time and effort you invested in applying for the scholarship to study abroad is what matters the most. Make the most of yourself by following these straightforward steps.   You might seek assistance from overseas education consultants in India like Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect if you find all these processes to be exceedingly time-consuming and difficult. Every student who registers with them is guaranteed admission, and you may take advantage of their IELTS coaching and one-on-one mentoring. Every student who wants to fulfill their dream of studying abroad needs Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect, which has relationships with more than 200 Universities, 100,000 courses, and 1000+ success stories to their credit. It’s time to enlist Aboad Admission Hub’s assistance to receive professional, individualized guidance, financial assistance, and visa assurance.

Top 9 Entrance Exams to study abroad for Indian Students

Millions of students migrate each year to pursue their higher education in different nations. There are still some set academic standards that must be met in order to be admitted to a university or college overseas, despite the fact that there are now a lot more possibilities for students with various academic backgrounds and interests to study abroad. International students can achieve these objectives by succeeding in tests that are competitive for study abroad. Integration of one or more of these evaluations or tests with additional exams unique to that country and its educational system may occasionally be necessary. Depending on the topic and the institution or university, you may additionally be required to submit the results of one standardized test. Depending on how well you score on the different entrance tests for international colleges, your chances of receiving scholarships along with other types of financial aid are determined. If you want to pursue your education overseas but are unaware of the steps to take to enroll in the exams you need to take to do so, your search is over. Read on to learn more! Entrance Exams to Study Abroad In the United States of America, Canada, and 18 other nations, this test is required for admission to undergraduate medical programs. This test’s main objective is to evaluate the participants’ knowledge of science and medicine. Aspiring students should also consider a number of different international entrance tests that offer financial aid in the form of scholarships based on their performance for those looking to study abroad. You need to get personalized counseling on different tests in order to choose the one you need. You can take the help of any of the best agencies of study abroad for that. The performance of applicants in the designated international entrance tests is often employed by colleges and universities as a baseline for awarding scholarships to applicants at the time of admission. Conclusion These are the top 9 entrance exams Indian students can take and pass to make their dream of studying abroad come true. Even though it will take a lot of work on your part to pass these exams, it will be worthwhile because it will allow you to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. At Abroad Admission Hub, one of the top studies abroad consultants in Kochi, we have an experienced team of student visa consultants who will help you in your study visa process.

Eligibility Criteria for Education Loans to Study Overseas

An Indian student’s application to study abroad is heavily influenced by finances because tuition and living costs are substantially greater abroad than they are in India. Indian students benefit greatly from student loans for international studies because they can now pursue their aspirations of receiving an education abroad. A life that is satisfying and prosperous requires a quality education. For many people, it is comparable to receiving a degree from a college or university abroad. But the price of schooling is rising quickly. In fact, it already costs a fortune to meet the expenses in different countries.  Parents who wish to give children the greatest education possible mostly invest their money in mutual funds, fixed deposits, and unit-linked insurance plans, for the long term. But even with all of this, one can still experience financial difficulties. Therefore, a loan for higher education abroad is critical in many situations because it fills the gap between the available funds and what is needed. Most Indian banks provide flexible time frames and lower interest rates on overseas education loans to suitable applicants. It is not difficult to apply for a loan, but very few students are aware of the basic requirements for student loan eligibility, which are critical regardless of the country or university they proceed to. So here, let’s learn more about education loans for abroad studies through this blog! Eligibility to apply for Education Loans to Study Abroad  Checking your eligibility for a student loan is a key first step before applying for an education loan. So, before applying for an education loan, you must check off the following standard requirements from the list that follows. Norms for Citizenship and Age The citizenship and age requirements are the absolute minimum and most significant criteria for student loan eligibility. To apply for a student loan in India to study abroad, you must be an Indian citizen who is at least 18 years old and not older than 35. Your parents will need to apply for a student loan if you are under the age of 18. Academic Background You should have a strong academic record starting in high school if you wish to qualify for an overseas education loan. Candidates who exhibit outstanding academic accomplishments in their tenth, twelfth, and graduation years are granted student loans from banks. If you have a strong academic record, the loan amount that has been approved for you will also fulfill your needs. Banks or education loan programs do not enforce any baseline grade or percentage standards as a prerequisite for student loan eligibility. Selection of University Your university application status is yet another basic factor in student loan eligibility. You must be admitted to a prestigious overseas university or another accredited international institution. For any Indian student who wants to apply for a student loan, this is a requirement that must be satisfied. You must submit an offer letter with an acknowledgment of acceptance from the university. Co-Applicant If you, the student who is the primary applicant, are unable to fulfill your student loan payments, a co-applicant will be held accountable. For the purpose of meeting this student loan eligibility, your parents, legal guardians, spouses, and parent-in-law (if married) may apply as co-applicants. Collateral Security Any loan, including student loans, is provided as a substitute for collateral. Such loans are referred to as secured student loans. Basically, you must submit collateral security if your estimated loan amount is greater than INR 7 or 7.5 lakhs. There are various forms of collateral you can offer or guarantee against the student loan, including: The last one among the other three, is only very infrequently allowed depending on the student loan programme. You can obtain a loan in the range of INR 10.5 lakhs to INR 1.5 crores with collateral security. Things that help you to Increase Your Eligibility for a Student Loan Banks are attentive while determining a candidate’s eligibility to make sure the students acquire financial aid. Before approving a loan, the applicant’s overall academic standing, desired course of study, and current admission status are all taken into consideration. Documents needed to apply for a student loan to study abroad How to Apply for an Education Loan? You have two options for expediting the loan application process: either contact Abroad Study Consultants in India, who will walk you through the process from beginning to end, or take the actions listed below. Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Student Loan Here are some key considerations you should make before deciding to apply for an education loan to fund your international studies. • Moratorium period – This is when you, the borrower, are not compelled to begin making payments on your debt. • Loan Margin – Typically, student loans do not cover all your tuition costs. Even though 90% of the expenses are often covered by the banks, the remaining 10% must be negotiated separately by the candidate. • The Impact of Exchange Rates – Always research the currency exchange rate of the nation you will be traveling to for your study abroad program before applying for a loan. Conclusion To obtain the best education loan for studying abroad, complete knowledge of the requirements, terms, and eligibility of education loans is essential. Any student who wants to pursue an overseas education can overcome their academic and financial obstacles with the help of the information provided above. You can visit Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infos Connect, one of the top abroad education consultants in Kerala, to clear all your doubts regarding education loans and more. Feel free to book free counseling and start the journey to your dream career abroad.

Common Mistakes that Indian students should avoid while applying for Study Abroad

Are you anxious about submitting your study abroad application? Most students experience restlessness and insomnia when preparing to pursue a degree abroad, which is a familiar sight. Where do I go to study? Which college is best for me? Can I obtain a student visa? What happens if I don’t get eligible for a scholarship? There are tons of questions that come up to your mind. All study-abroad students frequently have questions like these on their minds. The fact that they lack patience and rush through tasks in a hurried manner just makes the situation worse. They eventually make errors that result in the rejection of their applications and the loss of time and money. Due to these common errors, the majority of students who want to study abroad lose their chance. If they had avoided these typical mistakes during the application process, their study abroad dreams may have come true. So, avoid these dumb errors when hurrying to submit applications to universities and colleges abroad. Continue reading to learn about typical errors people make while applying for study abroad programs and how they may have been prevented. Insufficient Research Your understanding expands as you read more. When preparing to apply for a study abroad university, research is the most important step. All across the world, universities offer a wide range of courses with a variety of results that can lead to a successful future. Understanding your interests in terms of disciplines or courses will help you select the best university out of the hundreds available worldwide. One of the most crucial aspects of the overall experience when studying abroad is that it helps one become aware of what the university has to offer in addition to academics. Choosing the Wrong Study Abroad Expert Students frequently struggle to decide which college or course to enroll in for further study. You cannot choose the wrong counselor for the study abroad program in such a case. When seeking employment advice and recommendations from a third party, you should take great care. Very few businesses are adept at what they do. Any other study abroad providers, foreign university departments, or university cells may be of use to you. Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture is one such overseas education consultant in Delhi that has helped numerous students succeed in their studies at overseas universities. Through one-on-one interactions with each student, we offer precise counsel and direction. Making the wrong academic and university choices The most common mistake that students often do while doing a study abroad application is choosing the wrong course and the wrong university. A student needs to be certain about the potential job course they wish to take. The students must explore the appropriate courses and the suitable universities offering them in accordance with their work roles. Don’t rush to enroll at the university where the majority of students are headed. Take a brief look at your previous academic qualifications and the list of subjects pursued. Examine the courses your favorite university offers that are focused on the subjects that interest you. Improper budgeting While setting up a budget plan, it is necessary to take into account a few things. Failing to check on these criteria might impact hugely on your life abroad. When creating a budget, it’s important to account for everything to ensure a successful integration and a smooth migration from one country to another. It is advised to keep an eye on the scholarships offered by the university because they give you a fee reduction that can be put to good use for many other expenses. It is vital to organize your money before you decide to study abroad. A professional overseas education consultant in Kerala can advise you on the funds necessary to study abroad. Not figuring out part-time jobs Finding a country offering part-time work should be a highlight while looking for a good institution. Tuition and other educational costs can be covered by financing, but you will need additional money to cover living costs and consumables. Students can work in a variety of part-time occupations to help pay their bills. Students frequently get part-time employment in places including the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and a great number of others. Not giving importance to SOP The most typical problem a student makes when creating an SOP is boasting excessively about their background. A Statement of purpose is the sole way to connect with your universities for the first time. What you write in your SOP will be how the university will know you. International universities are constantly seeking varied student profiles for their institutions. Academic achievements and extracurricular activities like sports, music, theatre, and drama all increase your profile and make your application more appealing to universities. And getting the right individual to suggest you are the cherry on top because it accentuates your SOP and increases your chances of getting a favorable answer from the university. How can we help you? visit our website, a venture of Infos Connect Consultants pvt ltd is a complete online portal for Overseas Education consultant services based in India. We provide a range of services to students interested in studying abroad. In addition to helping you with the entire application process, the financial requirements, and scholarships offered at universities in any of your desired countries, our team of study abroad consultants is also happy to provide you with post-landing support. In conclusion, you can trust our experts to provide you with reliable and pertinent information on attending prestigious universities.

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