Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mistakes that you often make while applying to study abroad?

Applying to a single university/college would decrease your chances of getting an offer letter. So list out the universities that you prefer and apply for more than one. Lack of research on available scholarships should be avoided. There are plenty of scholarships available for study abroad aspirants. Another important step in the study abroad application that you must give priority to, is the SOP. A sharp SOP could make your way into the college more easily. Always arrange your accommodations in advance. Finally, choosing the right study experts can make all these steps easier and hassle-free for you. Book a free consultation with Abroad Admission Hub, the best overseas education consultants to know more.

What are the benefits of Studying in a Schengen country?

With a single visa, you can move and migrate to 26 European countries. Admissions in trusted government universities are also open. Lower tuition fees compared with non-Schengen countries. Part-time job opportunities are on the much higher side in Schengen countries. Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, and Molta are having a stay back up to 2 years. Apply now with the Abroad Admission hub, a venture of Infosconnect.

Which countries are the best to study Tourism and Culinary?

If you have a passion for cooking and wanted to figure out your identity in hospitality then we can suggest the best options that suits you. You could choose Singapore and Switzerland which are masters in this field. Singapore and Switzerland are the two countries that are known for their hospitality and cuisines worldwide. Courses with internships and stipends in the hospitality sector are available for students. Contact our team of experts at Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to get into the right choice of your dream course.

Is it true that studying abroad is much more affordable than in India now?

You can study in Europe with a tuition fee of just 1 lakh onwards. You can work for 20 hours and easily migrate to 26 other Schengen countries with one single visa. Countries like Germany, Sweden, and Finland allows spouse visa as well, where your spouse could even work full-time. Contact our team of experts to get into the right choice of your dream course.

Will it be possible to study abroad even if you have no financial background?

If you’re keen to study abroad and the financial burden is bothering you to get into your dream destination. Then don’t worry, the right overseas education consultant could solve your problem. We the experts at Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture help you to get admission to the highest-ranking government universities with 100% scholarships. Moreover, some universities provide stipend of 5200 euros every year to meet your food and accommodation. Rush with your documents with the team of our experts without waiting.

Is it true that the UK is top-ranked as per QS ranking?

Yes, UK universities are topped-ranked as per the QS ranking. Now you can make your dream come true by getting admission to world-ranking Russell universities. You can get admission without taking IELTS and also get a stay back of 2 years. Get assistance in admission, SOP writing, Visa documentation, and many more with Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture. Choose us to guide you right from the admission to enrolling at the university.

Is it true that Austria provides 100% scholarships?

Yes, Austrian universities provide 100% scholarships with internships. This could be a great chance for you. You could also get an opportunity for a European credit transfer system along with a residency permit of 2 years. Make your application for this batch to secure your seat.  Visit Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to know more about Admission, education loan for abroad studies, visa processing, and post-landing assistance.

Why you should apply for UK MBA with an internship?

UK MBA with an internship is being chosen widely amongst students as it is considered to be the easiest path to PR. You could earn 5 to 8 times your current salary and experience a quick visa process. Another benefit of this course is that your spouse can work full-time and also you could sponsor your whole family.

How to write the perfect SOP?

If you are someone who has applied for a course abroad, then you know how much importance SOP has in your application process. Often we see people ignore the importance of writing a compelling and strong SOP. So, here are some tips before starting to write your SOP. Start with a sharp Introduction and highlight your Academic and Professional Background. Emphasizing how the selected course is suitable for you is a must. Make your application more compelling for the university and program and most importantly, prove your intention to return back to your country.

What are the points to remember before applying for overseas education?

Before applying you need to check on your detailed course structure, entry requirements, scholarships, financial requirements, and visa norms. To avoid doubts and to enjoy the fast processing of your application and visa, you’ll need the help of education consultants for abroad studies.

From where can I attend free webinars according to my timing?

Visit Abroad Admission Hub to attend free webinars as per your schedule. You can pick dates at your convenience as well.

How to choose the right scholarship for you?

In order to choose the right scholarship, it’s necessary to find a good study expert who could assist you from start to end. Get connected with us to know detailed information on scholarships. You could book a consultation and clear all your doubts in the beginning for free before choosing us. Get your admissions abroad from the best overseas education consultant in India.

Which is the best Educational Consultancy to study abroad?

If you’re in doubts about studying abroad, then book your free consultation with us, one of the best overseas education consultants in India, the Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture, to clear all your doubts about courses, universities, admissions, scholarships, SOP’s, Education loans, visa queries, post landing assistance and more.

Which are the popular countries that issue Schengen visa’s?

The popular countries that allow Schengen Visa include Germany, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Is it true that Germany provides 100% scholarships?

Yes, Germany does provide a wide range of opportunities for students to study abroad. To know about the scholarship in detail, you can book a free consultation with Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture.

Which are the main scholarships every study abroad aspirant must know?

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, Taught Master’s Scholarship, Global Excellence Scholarship, and Commonwealth scholarship are some of the main scholarships to apply for. You can connect with Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to get detailed information about every scholarship.

Is it true that there are 100% scholarships available for study abroad aspirants?

Yes, some countries even provide 100% scholarships for students aspiring to study abroad. Get connected with the top study abroad consultants in India, Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to know more.

Which countries allow spouse visa on a student visa?

United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and many more countries allow spouse visa that is issued with easy processing.

Why you should choose Italy for your higher education?

Italy offers lower tuition fees for different courses when compared to other countries. There are many scholarships starting from 5200 euros/year that are open for students who wish to study in Italy. Italy offers PR after 5 years of stay and your chances for admission will also be high. You could also apply for Schengen Visa and travel to 26 other countries.

Which countries provide the highest salary for part-time jobs?

As a student aiming to study abroad, you need to check on the availability of part-time jobs in different countries before applying. Some of the countries that provide more opportunities for part-time jobs include Germany, Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, and Canada.

Which are the most demanding career in Germany?

Mechanical Engineering, Service Management, Production Engineering, Logistics Management, and Taxation Advisory are some of the highest-paid career options.

Why study in the USA?

The United States of America (USA) hosts the most international students in the world. Quality education, stem programs, a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities are just some of the reasons why many Indian students want to study in the USA. With stem programs, students can access Stay back and Green card. To know more about stem programs apply to Abroad admission hub, a venture of Infosconnect.

Which countries allow admissions without IELTS?

You don’t have to worry about your low score in IELTS. There are many countries like the UK, Germany, Singapore, and many more that allow admissions without IELTS. Contact Abroad Admission Hub, A venture of Infosconnect to know more.

What are the important scholarships that Germany provides for students?

Daad Scholarship, Erasmus scholarships, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship, Heinrich Boll Scholarship, and Goethe Goes Global Scholarships are some of the important scholarships that you should apply for.

Which country is the best suitable for a sports career?

If you are a sports enthusiast and are trying to make a bright career in the world of sports then, it’s time to make your dream come true. The Sports Management courses in the USA, UK, Spain, and France are famous for their high demand for job opportunities.  Once you finish the course, you could get selected in authorized sports clubs as well. Get connected with the best study abroad consultancy   in India. Call now to Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect.

Why does Mechanical Engineering have more demand in Germany?

As a graduate of Mechanical and Automobile engineering in Germany, your chances of starting a career soon after graduation are among the highest. The demand for good mechanical engineers is very high, which means that the transition from education to working life is usually very quick and smooth. To know more about free education in Germany, make your study abroad application with Abroad Admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect.

Why you should choose Abroad Admission Hub?

Abroad admission hub.com is a complete online study abroad consultancy having association with 50 plus countries and 200 plus universities. Yes, we do have a physical presence in all the major cities of India and abroad. We are a team of professional and highly experienced handouts who provide assistance in the scholarship application, complete admission processing, visa guidance, Forex, ticketing assistance, and post-landing assistance, which includes pickup, accommodation, and enrollment with Universities. We are associated with most of the trusted banks in order to provide Education loans to candidates. We conduct Mock training sessions to crack universities, immigration, and visa interviews. An end-to-end support system for your overseas education and immigration dreams. A trusted brand with 1000 plus happy customers. Visit Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconect venture to book free counseling.

Is it too expensive to study MBA in Europe?

No, you can get admission to MBA with less than 2 lakhs. There are many scholarships that are open for MBA aspirants in Europe. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Malta also provide scholarships for MBA programs. Choose the best counsellor for study abroad, Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to learn about admissions in detail.

Which are the popular countries that allow spouse visa easily?

International students who wish to study abroad have a lingering doubt in their minds, which is, whether to leave their families behind or not. The dependent visa is one of the powerful tools allowed by foreign countries that help spouses to stay with their partners, while they are studying. Countries like the UK, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, etc allow spouses easily and you could have your partner along with you.

Why you should study Hospitality in Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for its rich hospitality and cuisines. The master country that provides first-hand knowledge in Hospitality would be Switzerland. There are top-ranked Universities for Hospitality and Tourism courses. These abroad universities for Indian students allow paid internships during the course of study. You could get access to Schengen Visa as well. Definitely, it would be a travel to a country with splendid opportunities for tourism.

How to choose a university for MBA in the UK?

As you’ll be knowing that MBA in Uk is ranked at top 1 in the world, it’s important to have a piece of detailed information on the university before getting admission.  You could follow some steps before choosing your university. Check the QS ranking and list out the top ones. Check for the available scholarships and intership facilities. Before finalizing, make sure that you have noted the course outcome and job placements.

What is the new policy on stay back in UK?

The UK is coming up with new rules on student visas. As of now the rule is not being changed and students are welcome to the UK. But If you have completed an undergraduate or a Master’s degree grab the opportunity of PSW for the September 2023 intake before its too late. Visit the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to book for free counseling.

What are the points to remember before applying for Canada PR?

Canada is a country with the most PR-friendly process. That’s the reason why Canada has become number 1 in migration. For a basic PR process, you’ll have to identify the programs you might be eligible for. Be complete and accurate with all your documents ready beforehand.  Consider getting advice regarding your Canada PR from an expert. Ensure to keep track of the expiry dates.

Is it hard to get settled in Australia?

The quality of education in Australia is ranked 3rd in worldwide. Settling now in Australia has become much easier. If you have a good academic score and IELTS then you don’t have to worry. For your foreign university admission, submit the documents with Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture. Get right course choice from us and get settled in your dream country.

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