June 12, 2023

It is very essential to choose the best course for commerce students to pursue from abroad as it will be a significant decision that can influence and shape their career future prospects. There are several factors that need to be considered such as the reputation of the institution, the standard of faculties, course curriculum, career opportunities, and potential for personal growth. Being one of the most popular streams in India, commerce provides plenty of career options to students. The scope of subjects like accounting, business, finance, economics, management, marketing, international relations, etc are much wider and larger when those are planning to study abroad. As there are a large number of education consultants in Kerala, it will be a wise option to get assistance from the best study-abroad consultants in India.

Let’s explore some of the best courses for commerce students to study abroad:

  • Bachelor/Master of Commerce (B.Com/M.Com): A Bachelor/Master of Commerce degree will be a great choice for commerce students who would like to lay a strong foundation in various aspects of business and finance. Most of the reputed universities abroad offer comprehensive B.Com/M.Com programs comprising every subject such as accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and management. Pursuing B.Com/M.Com from abroad provides students with a broader understanding of global business practices and exposes them to diverse cultures and markets within.  Graduates can enhance their careers by pursuing their work in accounting firms, financial institutions, multinational corporations, and consulting firms.
  • Bachelor/Master of Business Administration (BBA/MBS): Pursuing a BBA/MBA would be a wise and perfect choice for commerce students who aspire to become business leaders and entrepreneurs. Learning BBA/MBA programs offered by the abroad universities will aids to focus on developing managerial skills and leadership skills. The syllabus will cover subjects such as business strategy, organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Pursuing BBA/MBA abroad will allow the students to learn and understand from experienced faculty members, collaborate with peers, and gain exposure to global business practices. Another attractive factor is that the student can pursue careers in various industries or even start their own business.
  • Economics: Pursuing a degree or master’s in economics by commerce students with a keen interest in the subject will help to understand the global economic complexities. Studying economics abroad provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge from renowned economists and achieve exposure to different economic theories and practices. A background in economics makes anything possible. The curriculum of economics usually covers microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, international economics, and public policy. Graduates with a degree in economics are capable to venture into numerous fields in the future.
  • Finance: For students who have a strong aptitude and excellent skills in financial marketing, a bachelor’s or master of degree in finance will be an excellent choice. Pursuing finance will abroad provides students have a comprehensive understanding of investment analysis, financial management, risk assessment, and financial planning. The curriculum comprises courses in corporate finance, investments, derivatives, portfolio management, and financial modeling. Graduates have the opportunity to pursue careers in financial analysis, investment banking, portfolio managers, risk management, or work in financial institutions.
  • International Business: The scope of the arena of a bachelor or master of international business creates a large number of employment opportunities for individuals. This is considered a special degree designed for students who want to specialize in the niche of global business operations and international trade. Pursuing international studies abroad disclose students to the wide range of complexities of conducting business across different countries and cultures. The curriculum deal with the subjects such as international marketing, cross-cultural management, global supply chain management, international finance, and international trade law. Graduates are capable to work for international trade organizations, multinational organizations, and global logistics companies, or pursue careers in international marketing and sales.
  • Accounting: This particular course will be an excellent choice for students who would like to pursue a career in accounting and finance. As this is an integral component in the commerce field, pursuing accounting abroad will aid the student to develop a strong foundation in financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and accounting principles. The syllabus comprises courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, auditing, and account information system. Graduates are eligible to work in accounting firms, corporate finance departments, government organizations, or as certified public accountants (CPAs).
  • Marketing: The field of marketing has evolved significantly with the development and influence of social media and digital marketing. The degree provides a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market research, advertising, branding, and digital marketing strategies. Pursuing marketing abroad allows students to explore global marketing trends, gain exposure to diverse consumer markets, and learn from industry experts. With graduation in marketing, students can pursue careers in advertising agencies, brand management, market research firms, digital marketing agencies, and sales.
  • Entrepreneurship: An entrepreneurship degree will be a great choice for aspiring entrepreneurs for business startups. The degree provides the necessary skills and knowledge to start and manage a successful business venture. This program focuses on entrepreneurship principles, innovation, business planning, financial analysis, and venture capital funding. Pursuing entrepreneurship abroad exposes students to divergent business ecosystems and networking opportunities, providing valuable insights into launching and managing successful businesses.

While choosing a university or college to pursue abroad, it is inevitable to consider the factors such as the reputation of the university, program curriculum, faculty expertise, internship opportunities, industry connections, and the proper location relevance to the career goals. Furthermore, there are other considerable factors such as the cost of tuition, living expenses, scholarships, and the availability of part-time job opportunities for international students.

Studying abroad will be a transformative and enhancing experience that not only nurtures your academic and professional development but will also expand your perspective horizons and builds cultural understanding. To conclude, commerce students have a wide range of options and opportunities for pursuing courses abroad. Depending upon the individual’s personal interest, career goals, and personal preference, he/she could choose the best and most appropriate course as per their interest.

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