March 17, 2023

As we all know, getting into a reputed foreign university after high school is a pipe dream for the majority of students. It’s majorly because studying abroad offers to develop communication skills, the chance to see new cultures, learn new skills, and improve one’s job chances . Yet, the application procedure for various foreign universities can be challenging and needs considerable planning and preparation. There are numerous things to think about, from picking the best program and university to submitting your application and meeting your visa requirements. Now let’s examine the various components of how to apply for study abroad after the 12th grade and explore some tips that will help you navigate this exciting experience.

Why Study Overseas After Your 12th Grade?

Students can acquire a top-notch education at foreign universities because these universities can provide cutting-edge infrastructure, modern amenities, and well-known and highly skilled faculty. These elements are essential for a student to fully grasp and go deeper into their chosen field of interest. After completing your 12th-grade schooling, you should study abroad for a variety of reasons, which you can read about below.

Top Educational System

There are many well-known and top-ranked universities in countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and others. Following high school, choosing to pursue your subject or course of study at one of these top universities in any of the countries abroad will promote improved skill development, partnerships with industry titans, and affiliations with authorities in your profession.

Collaborate with the Experts

Studying abroad after high school is a great decision since it gives you the chance to cooperate and work with experts and intelligent brains in the same field. These experts can therefore help you in providing more accurate field expectations and insights. Experience always aids in shaping a better and more promising future while preparing you for the actual world.

    Low cost of study

    Although this depends on each person’s budget, in general, enrolling in an undergraduate degree overseas is not a very expensive thing to choose. In order to make the courses more accessible for students, many universities provide scholarship programs. However, the tuition fee varies from country to country and university to university.

    Personal development

      Apart from academic growth, foreign education also opens the door for personal development in a way like communication development, personality development, etc. The majority of the MNC companies after the student completes their academic gives more importance to the personal growth of the student thereby making them highly competitive. Foreign education helps the student to achieve personal growth in a high level of dimensions.

        Now let’s take a look into the process of getting admissions to abroad courses after the 12th.

        Admission to international universities is relatively very simple. You’ll have to follow a few steps in order to enroll in further studies. Here are some tips on how to study abroad after graduating from high school.

        Do your Research

          There is a lot of research that goes into deciding to continue your further education overseas. For instance, you need to be familiar with university application procedures, international regulations, admission requirements, application deadlines, living expenses abroad, etc.

          You could catch up on this information from our site. If you need help researching, a knowledgeable overseas education consultant in India can help.

          Determine your area of study

            Students can choose from a variety of options at an international university. But, you must accurately decide which course best suits your abilities and interests. The most popular fields for undergraduate study abroad options are as follows:

            • Information Technology
            • Business Administration
            • Law
            • Engineering
            • Computer Science
            • Social Sciences
            • Hospitality and Tourism
            • Shortlisting selected universities

            By the time you complete your research, you’ll realize that not all colleges and programs are a good fit for you. You must choose wisely because this decision will impact your future career path.

              Take needed tests

              Depending on the requirements of the courses you have chosen, you should take the required admissions tests.

              You might need to take English language exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or GMAT to portray your fluency, depending on the university and the courses you select. You can start right away once you decide, to start studying for the examinations.


                The hardest part of getting into a foreign university has finally arrived. Submitting your application to the chosen universities requires precise and thorough information. Even though it might seem rather simple, finishing this stage is the most difficult challenge.

                Applications should be sent to the universities before the cutoff date. Together with the completed application form, some supporting documents are also required.

                Applying for a student visa

                When your application has been approved, and you receive an offer letter from the university,  the next step is to apply for a student visa. To go to a different country to attend your classes, you would require a valid student visa. You can submit an application through an expert counselor. Never settle for the less when your aim is bigger. So always choose the top consultancy for your study abroad dreams. You can choose Abroad Admission Hub, the best overseas education consultants.

                 The application form must be filled out and sent along with any required documentation. Required documents to study abroad after 12 include:

                • Mark sheets
                • Transcripts
                • Proof of a Bonafide student
                • Proof of a Bonafide student
                • Score reports for the tests
                • Financial capability certificate
                • Statement of Purpose
                • Letter of Recommendation
                • Application Details
                • Valid Passport
                • Admission letter

                  Tests after 12th to study abroad

                  Different entrance tests play a significant role in the admissions process for programs of study abroad. Examinations differ depending on the country, university, and programs you select. The student must go through the process of passing the entrance tests in order to study abroad in addition to finishing the 12th grade. However, some courses do not require entrance exams prior to admission.

                  Some of these standardized tests of language proficiency include:

                  • IELTS
                  • TOEFL
                  • GMAT
                  • SAT
                  • GRE


                    If the expense of studying abroad is out of your price range, you might apply for scholarships. For international students, there are numerous scholarships offered all across the world. The governments and universities in other countries will provide you with scholarship opportunities once you have finished your 12th-grade studies.

                    You must have a few special skills to be eligible for a scholarship to study abroad after your 12th grade, such as

                    • Academic records
                    • Strong skill set
                    • Achievements in sports
                    • Proof of family income

                    Depending on your financial need, you can occasionally be eligible for scholarships as well. Before submitting an application for a scholarship to study abroad after high school, please examine the requirements.

                    Depending on your financial need, you can occasionally be eligible for scholarships as well. Before submitting an application for a scholarship to study abroad after high school, please examine the requirements.

                    Popular countries to study abroad

                    There are numerous countries where one can explore much wide range of career opportunities, but only a select handful of them have the best educational systems and advanced faculties to guide students. Here are a few of the best countries that are also worth your effort if you wish to do foreign courses after the 12th:

                      • UK
                      • Australia
                      • Germany
                      • Poland
                      • Ireland
                      • USA
                      • Canada
                      • Italy
                      • Newzealand
                      • Final Takeaway

                      Making critical decisions when traveling to study abroad is an exciting adventure. However, a lack of information and experience may lead you to make poor decisions that will cause you problems in the future. Working with a reputable overseas consultancy, such as Abroad Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture, is therefore recommended to avoid unfavourable potential outcomes.

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